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1st State of the Guild Address

State of the Guild Address

Mar. 22, 2011

Guild Browser Toolbar


Sacred Legion Toolbar

Sacred Legion Choose’s Reclaimer Guardian

It's Official

Sacred Legion Chooses a Server



Welcome to Sacred Legion – the home of fierce and mighty warriors. We are a guild that was founded in Sept. 2008 in the beginning moments of Warhammer Online. Sacred Legion is a solid group of people of many walks of life. We pride ourselves in allowing a freedom of play style amongst our members; but, we do encourage a broader commitment to the guild. We enforce a fierce loyalty to the guild and its fellow members.

We were founded as a PvP focused guild but understood that PvE may be where the gear is at.  In Rift and until Trion becomes a bit more serious about PvP objectives, we are primarily focused on PvE content. We try and be self-sufficient when it comes to crafting/professions and we help our fellow brothers and sisters with materials when needed.

The most important rule in our Guild Code of Conduct is “Have fun. This is what the game is for.”

If you think you have what it takes, then apply here.

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Latest Guild News

  • 1st State of the Guild Address
    Here we are at nearly a month into RIFT and I can not help but look at the accomplishments of the guild. Sacred Legion is a guild of approximately 80 members. Of those members, we have 30 level 50s with more in the upper 40s preparing to cap. We are...
  • Guild Browser Toolbar
    Sacred Legion would like to introduce its own browser toolbar.  It is catered to RIFT, our current game. It is compatible with all major browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. You may down load the installation file h...
  • Sacred Legion Choose's Reclaimer Guardian
    It's now really official.  Sacred Legion chooses RECLAIMER server for our GUARDIAN launch due to our original server being the self proclaimer Oceanic Server and rumors of that server's hardware problems. We will need everyones help in creating th...

Latest Community News

  • taledraft

    very old school. don’t like the controls, but everything else is charming. I generally hate being told I’m a child but obviously on an adventure. The dog mom, Toriel, doing so much for me and (literally) holding my hand works though. Random fights. Ugh. Talking, moving, sassy rocks that hold down buttons. Not the usual […]

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  • The Launch of ArcheAge: Realities and Expectations

    DDoS stuff isn’t Trion’s fault Trion is extremely limited with how they can fix issues due to the fact that they’re only the publisher– people aren’t getting this. All major overhauls, etc. must be done by XLGAMES which isn’t an easy process due to them being overseas. Despite issues, Trion has been great about providing […]

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  • WildStar: It’s a Mad, Mad World of Content Updates

    WildStar’s “oh we’re pushing out content for now, bug fixes later!” attitude, compare it to RIft’s “oh we’ll make class changes all the friggen time so you never know what you’re playing!” don’t really flagyl 500 mggrapefruit and lipitorhttp://flagylpharmacy-generic.com/amoxil-items-online.htmlviagralexapro dosagegeneric Effexor XRlioresalgeneric Lasunaonline cialis generic know where i’m going with that, but… yeah. scarpe toms […]

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