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1st State of the Guild Address

State of the Guild Address

Mar. 22, 2011

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1st State of the Guild Address

Here we are at nearly a month into RIFT and I can not help but look at the accomplishments of the guild. Sacred Legion is a guild of approximately 80 members. Of those members, we have 30 level 50s with more in the upper 40s preparing to cap. We are in Expert Dungeons, PvPing in Warfronts, battling in open world RvR, and providing our wares in our Guild Stores.

The guild has never been in as strong a position as it is right now. So, we have a great number of things for us to be proud. Still, we have many that are questing in an effort to reach level cap; so, we have not been as cohesive at the lower levels than most of the Level 50s have been. This will improve.

I would like to touch on a couple of issues concerning the guild and provide some guidance.

Crafting and Exchanges between Guildies

The first is the recent statement that I made concerning crafting and exchanges between guildies. This activity has recently caused a few “rifts” between them. The one thing to keep in mind is that Sacred Legion exists to help each other. Period! We do not pay to maintain a website or ventrilo server because it makes us feel good. If we can not maintain this collective to benefit everyone within the guild, then we have failed not individually but as a whole.
It is on that note that I offer these guidelines.

  • If you are going to offer any goods to a guildie, do not charge them for any goods exchanged except for maybe the vendor dump price of the materials used to create the items. Do not charge them Auction House prices for the materials. If you don’t want to craft the item, then don’t offer.
  • If a guildie has all the materials, then you are encouraged to craft the item during any down time if it doesn’t require any in-game cost or is a zero-cooldown item.
  • Crafting items for exchange on the Auction House is fine and encouraged especially with the pending need for money to buy improved mounts.
  • If two or more guild members are selling the same item, work together to ensure maximum profit for all parties involved.
  • Private transactions outside the guild are the individual’s responsibility alone.
  • If a guildie needs an item that you have on the Auction House, them let them go get it themselves. If they end up buying the goods, they will atleast have decided to pay that price and no one will feel as though they were on the wrong bargaining end.
  • Advertising items that you have on the Auction House is discouraged and will not be allowed. Let the guildie go find it for himself/herself. This only promotes resentment.
  • We discourage loaning money even to guildies if you expect to be paid back. Sacred Legion will not intervene to help you get your money back. Handle it yourself.

AFK Policy

The second issue I would like to discuss is Sacred Legion’s intolernace to AFKing in Warfronts or extended AFKing while in an instance. It was brought to my attention by another guild that one of our members was blatanly AFKing while in Warfronts to soak up the PvP Favor. This type of activity will not be tolerated and is a poor reflection of our guild. This player was released from Sacred Legion after repeated attempts to contact him while he was AFKing in multiple Warfronts.

Another annoying issue is when someone puts a dungeon group together and midway through the instance, someone will go AFK. Please do not accept an invitation to a dungeon run unless you have the time and commitment to finish out the instance. This is not fair to the others in the group if you go AFK for 15mins+.

Our Reputation

Remember, whatever you do is a reflection of Sacred Legion and affects our “street cred”. At the moment, Sacred Legion has a great reputation especially among the guilds that run with our Level 50s in instances and I would like to keep it that way. It provides more opportunities for us to either invite into our dungeon runs or for us to be invited to others. So far, there has been minimal issues and I offer kudos for those in the higher levels who have worked hard in ensuring that we are noticed.

Website Development

Recently, I added a browser toolbar that has been well received. I plan on adding more content to it. The website also displays our Shard Status. I do need to change some code here. It crashes our home page when Trion servers are down.

In addition, I have added support for Zam’s item linking and search functionality. I have also added Curse’s search box. In the near future, I will add their item linking scripts aswell.

Another added feature has been the guild roster. This is done by an XSL that is put out by the guys at RIFTzone. Updating is done manually by the in-game /dumpguild command and then FTPing it over to our website. Hopefully, Trion will provide very similar support as it does with the serve status XML. If they will, then I will try and grab the roster in real time.

Guild Stores

I have opened a section of the forums for Guild Stores. You can create your guild store. Just remember to list your Terms & Conditions, ie, “Must supply mats”, “Items good while supplies last”, “Will exchange for vendor cost of mats.” Make sure and read Sacred Legion’s guidelines concerning goods and exchanges between guildies mentioned above when interacting with guildies. Fugs has been instrumental in getting his stores online and I hope more will follow his lead.

New Officers

I would, at this time, announce our new officers. Please welcome Digs, Fugs, Marconos, and Recon to the Primus Rank. In the absence of any senior officers, please feel free to contact them with any questions, concerns, or issues. We will be adding one more player in the near future.

In addition, I will be promoting many guildies to the rank of Centurion which, for the most part, is a vanity rank. Regardless, this rank does indicate a guildie’s commitment and contribution to Sacred Legion which I felt needed to be recognized. At the moment, the new centurions will be mostly tenured guildies and those in the lower tiers with which I have played with or seen contributing on the forums. I will rely upon officers and senior officers to list who in the upper tiers will get this rank.


Sacred Legion has a great deal to be thankful for – great guildies tirelessly working for the better good of the guild. That is all we can ask for. We are a great team and everyone should be congratulated for making Sacred Legion the best guild on Reclaimer.

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