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1st State of the Guild Address

State of the Guild Address

Mar. 22, 2011

Guild Browser Toolbar


Sacred Legion Toolbar

Sacred Legion Choose’s Reclaimer Guardian

It's Official

Sacred Legion Chooses a Server


RPG Backtrack Sidetrack – June 2018 Edition

For the month of June, I chose to dive into Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. I feel many perceive this game as the bastard step brother of that supposedly superior sibling, Baldur’s Gate. However, I honestly enjoyed this one a bit more. Read on to find out why!

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Rainbow Skies, SideQuest Studios Interview

RPGamer was able to talk with the CEO of SideQuest Studios, Marcus Pukropski, about the upcoming RPG Rainbow Skies. This follow up to 2012′s tactical RPG Rainbow Moon is releasing in just a few days on June 26

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Earthlock, Snowcastle Games Interview

A short time ago, Snowcastle Games released a significantly upgraded version of its JRPG-inspired title Earthlock. RPGamer had the chance to put various questions about the game, its development, and plans for the future to the developer.

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RPGamer’s E3 Highlights

E3 has been in the books for nearly a week now. That’s enough time for our staff to collect their thoughts and pick out some of their personal highlights from the event.

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very old school. don’t like the controls, but everything else is charming. I generally hate being told I’m a child but obviously on an adventure. The dog mom, Toriel, doing so much for me and (literally) holding my hand works though. Random fights. Ugh. Talking, moving, sassy rocks that hold down buttons. Not the usual […]

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The Launch of ArcheAge: Realities and Expectations

DDoS stuff isn’t Trion’s fault Trion is extremely limited with how they can fix issues due to the fact that they’re only the publisher– people aren’t getting this. All major overhauls, etc. must be done by XLGAMES which isn’t an easy process due to them being overseas. Despite issues, Trion has been great about providing […]

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WildStar: It’s a Mad, Mad World of Content Updates

WildStar’s “oh we’re pushing out content for now, bug fixes later!” attitude, compare it to RIft’s “oh we’ll make class changes all the friggen time so you never know what you’re playing!” don’t really flagyl 500 mggrapefruit and lipitorhttp://flagylpharmacy-generic.com/amoxil-items-online.htmlviagralexapro dosagegeneric Effexor XRlioresalgeneric Lasunaonline cialis generic know where i’m going with that, but… yeah. scarpe toms […]

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RIFT: Planetouched Wilds Preview [RIFT]

The Planetouched Wilds will open for players to explore in the next big content update coming to RIFT today, October 7. While Trion Worlds is not labeling the update as an expansion, its contents—a large zone, an expert dungeon, a new raid tier …

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potential mobas to try

infitite crisis- super heroes and dominion style play prime world- would prefer not to, but does have the tutorial/mini-game Awesomenauts- 2d moba super monday night combat – shooter moba strife- HoN creators aiming for nubs smite – 3rd person action moba dragons and titans- another mobile cialis onlinehttp://pharmacy24hour-online.com/plavix costhttp://plavixgeneric-dosage.com/http://pharmacy24hour-online.com/ moba (supposedly)    bags karen […]

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New to MOBAs- Solstice Arena

Consider this part two to my experiment in introducing people to MOBAs. As fun as Heroes of the Storm was, the community outside of the forums was awful. Much like my thoughts when playing Starcraft or other Blizzard titles aside from Hearthstone, I felt that the game’s community really prevented me from enjoying the game. […]

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